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皇冠电子游戏网址:The net inflow of funds from North Korea in the first month of “Momo” surpassed 30 billion overseas institutions.

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内容摘要:north into Morocco in the first month net inflow of 31.9 billion yuan of funds\u0026 nbsp; through shares in Shanghai, Shenzhen shares on th...

north into Morocco in the first month net inflow of 31.9 billion yuan of funds

\u0026 nbsp; through shares in Shanghai, Shenzhen shares on the last trading day in June (June 28), north of funds to the final day of 956 million into the cash flow Yuan ending. Overall,

of which, Shanghai Stock Exchange Fund net inflow 186.06 billion, deep stock funds net inflow of 13.305 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that judging from the overall situation in June, June 19 can be said to be a clear watershed, because before this, all the funds from the North have shown a net inflow of funds. Since then, the fund changes have shown a net inflow. Net outflow turns. From a scale point of view, from the 1st trading day between June 1st and June 15th, all Northbound funds showed a net inflow trend, and the net inflow of funds totaled 34.84 billion yuan; between June 19 and June 28 On the eight trading days, the North Funds showed a net inflow of 4 trading days and a net outflow of 4 trading days. After that, the cumulative net inflow of funds in the 8 trading days reached 2.929 billion yuan.

yesterday, Pacific Securities strategist analyst Jindal accept the "Securities Daily" reporters, said that since late June, by warming Sino-US trade friction and the United States in the course of interest rates, the market for Concerns about the depreciation of the renminbi led to a weakening of foreign capital's enthusiasm for the A-share market. In terms of sub-industries, the funds raised by Beishang Funding for medical biology, , the holdings of the two industry stocks are more obvious, while the rest of the industries are declining. Among them, the industries with the largest reductions are transportation, household appliances, etc., and these industries are profitable. The situation is closely related to the RMB exchange rate, and the previous market has seen considerable gains, further verifying the uncertainty of the exchange rate, resulting in the outflow of foreign capital from the A-share market.

Xiao Shijun, a researcher at the Guodu Securities Research Institute, also pointed out that since mid-June, the expected risks at home and abroad have been intensive. Affected by the appreciation of the US dollar and its rate hike, flow of funds increased pressure, and emerging market stocks led the decline. Among them, due to factors such as the enthusiasm of the strategic placement fund subscription is less than expected, this week, the A-share market has accelerated to the bottom, and it is expected that the A-share market will enter a narrow period. (Securities Daily)

overseas institutional June 52 research firm

\u0026 nbsp; June, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index showing shock callback trend, main stock index fell to 2800 points directly area, hit a nearly three-year low, the main stock index During the period, the cumulative decline was 8.01%. Despite this, the agency's confidence in A-share investment during this period has not diminished, and overseas institutions are more likely to be recruited. The July market is worth looking forward to.

It is worth mentioning that among the 403 companies in the institutional survey conducted in June, the types of research institutions showed that securities companies surveyed reached 341 companies, accounting for the largest proportion; fund companies surveyed 194 companies, ranking behind them. Overseas institutions visited a total of 52 listed companies. Specifically, Hikvision (46), US group (25), boss appliances (24), TCL Group (22), Sinoma Science and Technology (13) , when the rise (11) and the number of overseas institutions Han's laser (10) and other seven companies involved in research in June and reached 10 or more, including Angang Steel , new and up , Chang Ying Precision 7_894 56_84_65473_9, BOE A, 45 companies including Suning Tesco also received overseas organizations during their research.

In the secondary market, of the 52 stocks surveyed by overseas organizations, 45 stocks fell indefinitely in June, accounting for nearly 90%. Among them, the cumulative decline surpassed 10 including during Botten shares , Yanjing Beer , Goldwind , Op lighting , Yan Wanda , Tatham wind , including a 28 stocks %, the stock price fell significantly. Instead, Star source material (15.02%), when the rise (12.63%), measurement testing (12.11%), precision measurement of electronic (11.39%), today international (7.31%), Eston (0.87%) and Ruikang Pharmaceutical (0.44%), and other seven stocks achieved a red-hot share price during this period, showing a strong trend.

In response, analysts generally believe that after consecutive losses of A-shares, the opportunities in the current market have outweighed the risks. The overall valuation of A-shares is relatively safe, and a number of varieties whose “middle-selling” middle-income results are more deterministically determined. Visits by overseas organizations are expected to usher in an oversold rebound in July.

Good performance has become an important reason why overseas organizations are optimistic about the above-mentioned opportunities. According to statistics, of the 52 companies surveyed by overseas organizations mentioned above, as of now, 27 companies have issued interim results announcements, and the pre-joyed companies have reached 23 companies, accounting for 85.19%. Among them, Zhongbai Group , Jingchen Electronics and other two companies expect that the net profit attributable to the parent company in the mid-2000s will be doubled year-on-year to 234.87% and 138.32% respectively. In addition, Xingyuan Materials, Eston, and Huang , Liard , AGAWO , Suning Tesco and other companies in the first half 2018 net profit attributable to parent company are expected to increase more than 50%, showing a strong ability to grow.

In a comprehensive view, after the active investigation, the value of these target investments was favored by the organization, and the investment rating above “overweight” was given. Among the above 52 stocks, there are 7 stocks that have been upgraded by the organization in the recent past, and both are raised to “overweight” and are optimistic about the ratings. These 7 stocks are: Dangsheng Technology, Midea Group, Dongyirisheng , Hengyi petrochemical , Suning Tesco, Livzon , Goldwind , investors rebound power or more abundant worth the wait. (Securities Daily)

QFII heavily loaded with thematic funds

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7_89456_221_65473_ 9 Merchants Securities liquor Index classification
Fund Code fund referred the past year operating income fee
519772 Bank newborn vitality Flexible Allocation 47.64% 1. 50% 0.15% purchase account to buy
16172543.89% 1.00 % 0.10% purchase account purchase
160222 Thailand index grading permit food and beverage industry 33.25% 0.00 % 0.00% purchase easy to square up accounts to buy
001076 reform dividend mixing 32.73 1.50% 0.15%% Opening buy buy
260108 Invesco Great Wall of emerging growth mixed 30.82% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-06-29





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