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内容摘要:Thehill: Trump administration calls China, Russia entry into WTO a mistake特朗普政府称让中俄加入WTO是一个错误报道来源:Thehill————————————————————————————————The...

Thehill: Trump administration calls China, Russia entry into WTO a mistake特朗普政府称让中俄加入WTO是一个错误
报道来源:Thehill————————————————————————————————The Trump administration said the United States made mistakes letting China and Russia join the World Trade Organization (WTO) because they have failed to shift to market-based economies.特朗普政府说, 美国让中国和俄罗斯加入世界贸易组织 (WTO)是一个错误, 因为这两个国家没有转向以市场为导向的经济体。
China and Russia have made little progress to align their economies with the commitments they made when joining the WTO, the U.S. trade representative wrote in two reports sent to Congress on Friday.
美国贸易代表在星期五向国会提交的两份报告中指出, 中国和俄罗斯在履行其加入WTO的承诺上进展甚少。
“The United States is committed to working with all WTO members who share our goal of using the WTO to create and enforce rules that lead to more efficient markets, reciprocal benefits and greater wealth for our citizens,” wrote U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.美国贸易代表罗伯特Robert Lighthizer写道: "美国致力于与那些和我们拥有共同目标的WTO成员国合作,以利用WTO建立和执行那些可以提供更有效市场、互惠互利和使公民获得更多财富规则。"
“However, as these two reports show, the global trading system is threatened by major economies who do not intend to open their markets to trade and participate fairly."
"然而, 正如这两份报告所显示的那样,全球贸易体系受到一些主要经济体的威胁, 它们不打算开放自己的市场以实现公平贸易和参与。"
“This practice is incompatible with the market-based approach expressly envisioned by WTO members and contrary to the fundamental principles of the WTO," he continued.他继续指出: "这种做法不符合WTO成员明确设定的以市场为基础的做法,也与WTO的基本原则背道而驰。 "

The China report says that despite 17 years in the WTO, the communist nation remains a state-led economy focused on promoting its domestic industries at the expense of the United States and other global trading partners while becoming “a dominant player in international trade.”针对中国的报告指出,尽管进入WTO 已经17年了, 这个共产主义国家仍然是一个国家主导的经济体,其关注于促进其国内产业,牺牲了美国和其他全球贸易伙伴的利益,同时成为了 "一个全球贸易的主要玩家"。

“Given these facts, it seems clear that the United States erred in supporting China’s entry into the WTO on terms that have proven to be ineffective in securing China’s embrace of an open, market-oriented trade regime,” the report says.
报告说: "鉴于这些事实,很显然,在支持中国加入世贸组织的问题上美国犯了错误,支持中国加入WTO的那些规则被证明在保证中国奉行开放的、以市场为导向的贸易体制方面是无效的。"
While the United States has worked tirelessly to convince China to comply, the report concludes that it is clear that the WTO’s rules aren’t enough to push Beijing’s economic path toward a market-oriented economy.
President Trump had touted his strong relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping while criticizing Beijing’s unfair trade practices, raising tensions between the nations.

The Commerce Department is lining up trade cases against imports from China ranging from steel to aluminum and solar panels.
“The United States will take all other steps necessary to rein in harmful state-led, mercantilist policies and practices pursued by China, even when they do not fall squarely within WTO disciplines,” the report said.报告称: "美国将采取一切必要措施,以遏制中国所奉行的有害的、国家主导的、重商主义的政策和行为,即使它们并不完全属于WTO规则的范畴。"

Trump has about three months to decide whether to slap additional tariffs on foreign steel — which comes mainly from China — over national security concerns, with more decisions to follow.

The trade representative's on Russia said that country also had failed to follow WTO rules.The report noted that importing into Russia "remains a difficult task."
贸易代表关于俄罗斯的报告同样指出,俄罗斯也没有遵守世贸组织的规则。 报告称,向俄罗斯出口 "仍然是一项艰巨的任务"。
"So far, Russia’s actions strongly indicate that it has no intention of complying with many of the promises it made to the United States and other WTO members," the report said."It was a mistake to allow Russia to join the WTO if it is not fully prepared to live by WTO rules."
报告说:"如果俄罗斯不准备好完全接受 WTO 规则的约束,那么允许它加入WTO是一个错误。"

China became a member of the WTO in 2001 and Russia joined in 2012.中国于2001年成为世贸组织成员, 俄罗斯于2012年加入。————————————————————————————————————评论:flash_2028 I doubt anycountry pays attention to what Donald says at this point.我怀疑现在还有哪个国家会关注特朗普说了什么。 ModernGuy @ flash_2028In the meantime, US leadership is fallenbelow China globally since Trump took office.与此同时,自特朗普就任以来,美国在全球的领导地位就落后于中国。 james r ruston@flash_2028Not onlythat, but by attempting to "make America first," he is effectivelymaking it more difficult to sell our products to 5 billion people around theglobe. It is a global economy, no matter what Trump or the xenophobes whosupport him think, and we can take advantage of that with our technicalknow-how and organizational skills and capital, or we can bury our heads in thesand and pretend we can have a healthy economy apart from the rest of theworld. Just look at what China is doing in Africa. While they lead developmentthere, Trump calls them shit-hole countries. Dumb in the extreme.不仅如此,通过特朗普的“美国第一”,美国货将更难卖给全球50亿人。不管特朗普或者那些支持他的排外者怎么想,现在是全球化的时代。我们可以利用技术知识、组织能力和资本从中获利, 或者我们可以把头埋在沙子, 假装没有世界上的其他人我们也可以有一个健康的经济。看看中国在非洲的所作所为,当中国人在那里引领发展时 ,特朗普称这些国家为“粪坑”,简直是蠢到极点。 Jo Stewart Trump seemsto have forgotten the US losses caused by his previous attempt at imposingtariffs on Bombardier aircraft :-  Canadacancelled a $5 billion fighter order. Days later, Delta ordered 100 Airbus A321 at a cost of some $12.7billion.... rather than Boeing 737's....and optioned a further 100.  Airbus took control of Bombardier, wideningthe range of aircraft in its stable and strengthening its hand againstBoeing.  Airbus already had more ordersfor new airliners on its books than does Boeing but I'm sure every extra helps.Trump's Boeing sanctions against Iran will add another 80 aircraft to Airbus'sorder book, worth another $8 billion or so.特朗普似乎已经忘记了美国此前试图对庞巴迪飞机征收关税所造成的损失:加拿大取消了50亿美元的战斗机订单。 几天后,达美航空花了127亿美元订购了100架空客 A321, 而不是波音737的.....还考虑另外的100架。空客控制了庞巴迪, 扩大了飞机的型号,并加强了与波音的竞争。空客新飞机的订购量已经超过波音公司。特朗普对伊朗的制裁将会给空客另外的80架订单, 价值80亿美元左右。 Jiffy Pop Thecomplaint: China has an "economy focused on promoting its domesticindustries at the expense of the United States and other global tradingpartners while becoming “a dominant player in international trade.”  Sooo, China First is a problem domesticpolicy, but America First is a good idea? Trump walked away from the table, hedoes not get to complain when countries protect their own interests.抱怨说中国“经济关注于促进其国内产业,牺牲了美国和其他全球贸易伙伴的利益,”并成为了 "一个全球贸易的主要玩家"。 所以…… 中国第一是一个错误的国内政策,而美国第一就是一个好的想法?特朗普太过头了,他怎么能抱怨其他国家保护他们自己的利益? Rain Justice @  Jiffy Pop China Firstworks for Chinese industrial capacity. America First works for Americanindustrial capacity. Free trade ideology ignores the realities of geopolitics,national interests, and the inherent distortions caused by the internationalmonetary system.中国第一位中国产业服务,美国第一为美国产业服务。自由贸易意识形态忽视了地缘政治、国家利益和固有的国际货币体系扭曲的现实。 TomChina andthe Russians prolly have a good laugh everyday at America for electing thismentally unstable, narcissistic, egotistical, moronic, lying f**king buffoonTrump as President.美国选了这个精神不稳定、自恋、自负、低能、爱撒谎的小丑作为总统,中国人和俄罗斯人可能每天都会笑醒了吧。 Forza @ TomRussia: Webought him off with 2 women and a mattress. China: Webought him off with giving a few trademarks.俄罗斯:我们用两个女人和一张床垫收买了他;中国:我们用几个商标收买了他。 KnowledgeIsGood @ TomRussia, I'msure. China... I'm sure China just basically waiting for someone more stable towork with. China is slow and methodical on a scale that I think Trump wouldfail to comprehend. If they were playing chess, China would take 2 days tothink about every move, and Trump would eventually just knock over all thepieces and walk away.俄罗斯, 我可以肯定。中国……,我相信中国只是在等一个更稳定的人来合作。中国一直是缓慢而有条不紊的,我认为特朗普是很难理解这样的行为的。如果他们在下棋,中国会花2天的时间来仔细考虑每一个动作, 而特朗普只会把所有的棋子打翻在地, 然后走开。 Blue Orion "...thecommunist nation remains a state-led economy focused on promoting its domesticindustries at the expense of the United States and other global tradingpartners while becoming “a dominant player in international trade"  Isn't thatthe main goal of any capitalist nation, however? Are we supposed to believe theUS does not desire to achieve economic hegemony either?"这个共产主义国家仍然是一个国家主导的经济体,其关注于促进其国内产业,牺牲了美国和其他全球贸易伙伴的利益,同时成为了 "一个全球贸易的主要玩家"。 这难道不是任何一个资本主义国家的目标吗?再说了,难道你真的相信美国没有追求自己的经济霸权吗? Archbishopof BanterburySo in theend it was proven that capitalism can work with one party rule.所以,最终可以证明的是一党统治也可以把资本主义玩得很溜。 JohnMcGoldrickProtectionistDonald talking about market based economies. Too funny.贸易保护主义者特朗普现在在将基于市场的经济,这太搞笑了。 Archbishopof Banterbury Americaborrows money from a Communist Country, so funny.美国从一个共产国家借钱,有意思。 Rain Justice @ Archbishopof BanterburyChina parksits reserves in USD to keep the RMB low, to fuel export-driven GDP growth. Thefederal government doesn't "borrow" money so much as it providesTreasury securities as a service to those seeking a zero-risk deposit that(usually) keeps up with inflation.中国用美元作为外汇储备是为了维持人民币的低汇率,以刺激出口拉动型GPD增长。联邦政府并不"借钱", 因为它为那些寻求零风险存款的人提供了美国国债以跟上通货膨胀。 Rationalthought They saywhile ceding commerce and influence in the pacific rim to China by bailing onTPP. Meaningless words…他们还说通过放弃TPP将环太平洋的商业和影响力让给中国。毫无意义的话…… Rain Justice @ RationalthoughtIf thosecountries want to have their economies wrecked by signing up for free tradewith China, let them. The USA refuses to make the necessary structuraladjustments to sustain a decent standard of living while engaged in grosslyimbalanced trade; the only way to make this Race To The Bottom work for thecommon People of the USA would be a good universal basic income and federaljobs programs.如果这些国家想通过与中国签订自由贸易协议而让自己的国家崩溃,就让他们去做吧。美国拒绝作出必要的结构调整以维持一个体面的生活,同时参加严重失衡的贸易;唯一让这种“比烂”竞争对美国普通人有用的方法就是一个好的基本收入和就业。 Jo Stewart @ RainJustice"Adecent standard of living"? In the US? Please tell me you're kidding. By anyinternational measure, the quality of life in the US is pretty ordinary atbest. Australia and the EU both have free trade agreements with China whichwork pretty well.  You areunfortunately ill informed ...China isn't yet part of the TPP, but would bewelcomed by most to replace the US. The US is also locked out of RCEP, thelargest ever FTA, covering some 40% of global trade in an area of huge growth.They also have no chance of winning an EUFTA under Trump, in contrast to Canada(already in operation) and Mexico ( close to being finalised)  Trump seems keen on tearing up NAFTA,something European, Australian and New Zealand companies would love.  To whom will the US be a preferred supplierin three years time?"一个体面的生活"?在美国? 你是在开玩笑吧。随便根据哪个国际标准,美国的生活质量最多只算一般般。澳大利亚和欧盟都和中国签订了自由贸易协议,而且这些协议很有效。很不幸你很无知,中国还不是TPP的一员,但是肯定会受到大部分成员的欢迎以取代美国。美国也被排除在RCEP之外,RCEP是一个最大的FTA,包含了40%的快速增长的全球贸易。在特朗普的领导下,美国可能也不会赢得EUFTA,相反加拿大已经开始参与,而墨西哥已经快完成了。特朗普似乎执着于撕毁NAFTA(北美自由贸易协定),这是欧洲、澳大利亚和新西兰的公司所希望的。三年之后,美国货可以卖到哪里? Rain Justice @ JoStewart I didn't claim that China was part of TPP. Thepost to which I replied bemoaned the USA ceding leadership in the Pacific Rimto China after leaving TPP talks. The EU has VAT. Not sure how the Aussies makeit work, but neither are the USA.  FTAsdon't make sense for a country as immense and rich in natural and humanresources as the USA. We only require a handful of commodities. If Samsungwants to sell to the USA, let their robots and algorithms make it here.我可没说中国是TPP的一员。我回应的帖子是哀叹美国抛弃TPP而将环太平洋的领导权让给中国。欧盟有VAT(增值税?),我不知道澳大利亚如何克服这个,美国也不行。对于美国这样自然资源和人力资源丰富的国家,FTA没有什么意义。我们美国只需要很少的日用品即可。如果三星想卖什么东西给美国,让他们的机器人和算法进来就够了。 Jo Stewart @ RainJusticeClearlyjust your poorly written first sentence which gave the impression you were illinformed.  Thankfully, "neither arethe USA" as I live between Australia and Europe and couldn't bear to livein such a "shithole" as the US. Given your silly claim that all the US needs is "a handful ofcommodities" is belied by your massive trade deficit. It has clearlyescaped your notice that Samsung does in fact manufacture some items in the US.显然你混乱的文字给人一种你很无知的感觉。我住在澳大利亚和欧洲,我不能忍受在美国这样“粪坑”一样的生活。你愚蠢的声称“我们美国只需要很少的日用品即可”,这跟你们巨大的贸易赤字可不相符。显然你也不知道,三星也在美国制造一些东西。





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